Valley Imagery is a photography business based in the Southern area of the Barossa Valley and is operated by Simon and Jane Slattery. Simon is an awarded and experienced photographer who is keen to promote the diversity of the Barossa Valley and surrounding area's. His enthusiasm and curiosity combine to explore the quiet regions of the Barossa and has led to a unique photography portfolio centered around the southern Barossa Valley. Additionally Valley imagery has extensive experience in travel photography and has created a spectacular portfolio of Canadian and USA imagery.

Simon experienced a very diverse childhood which took him to many places throughout Australia, As a young adult further he expanded the love of the Australian landscape and took many photo's to preserve these irreplaceable memories. Even though Jane and Simon have visited every Australian state and lived in many, they are happy to be settled in the north of Adelaide and can call the Barossa Home. The sense of community is strong here and the wine is great. 

Simon is a locally and internationally awarded photographer with a wide range of photographic skills and experience. Whilst his passion lies in producing Wide Fine Art Landscapes, he strives to show the interaction between nature and people. Simon has experience in shooting Sport, Portrait's, Aircraft and Concerts. Using Valley Imagery as a platform he has produced work sold locally and internationally and has been published in print magazines and other media. Acknowledgement in the 2014 World Photographic awards (Panorama) provided the confidence to create this business and share images with others.  


Valley Imagery's photographic style draws on a desire to capture the amazing scenes that we are all lucky enough to witness.  By seeking out dramatic scenes we endeavor to showcase the beauty of our environment.

My preference is to capture high quality panoramic scenes by using stitching software to combine multiple images. This technique dramatically increases the fine detail and maximizes the final print size, the gallery of these can be seen here. Seeing the detail in these up close and in print inspires the creation of images in this format.


Please browse the gallery and fee free to contact me via e-mail or social media.  

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