Photographic awards are an interesting thing. To achieve an award usually requires a technically perfect image, entered into the right category, and judged by a committee who sometimes do not even know where the image was taken.

People who buy my images do not do so on the basis of how many awards it has, they purchase based on the feeling the image conveys. My hope that the images I take communicate some memorys or provide some inspiration for a future journey.  

If I have achieved this then the image is successful regardless of sales or awards.  


Despite this I occasionally enter competitions on an ad hoc basis with specific images such as the ones below.

2019 Honorable Mention, ND awards for “Commuter Crossing

2018 Bronze Award in the International Epson Panorama Awards for “Cabin in the Woods”

2014 Commended at the World Photography Award for “Volcano Sunrise

2014 Merit at theSouth Australian Photographic Federation for “Storm over the Ruin”

2014 Merit at the South Australian Photographic Federation for “Holiday”

2013 Merit at South Australian Photographic Federation for “Reaching for the Sky


I have been published in magazines and online pages over the years,

Some of these are as below.

US Navy 

Surveying SA


SA News


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